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awesome you academy inspires and fosters self-belief, courage and motivation to excel in life, and ignite the awesome in everyone.




About our academy

awesome you academy is all about truly accelerating the awesome in you!
Empowerment can change the world! In today’s society, there are too many people feeling undervalued, stressed, overwhelmed and caught in the rat-race. Mental health issues are at an all-time high and in general, we are not taught the fundamental skills that are necessary to thrive. This is where awesome you academy shakes things up! We will help unleash your full potential.
Our approach is personal and everything we do at awesome you academy is individually tailored to meet your needs. We are lucky enough to work with incredible clients, who love what we stand for!
Everyone has their own story. We are human beings after all; each with our own unique goals. awesome you academy not only recognises this, we celebrate it!

How we help

How to beat procrastination
How to kickstart your goals
How to manage stress
How to change careers and thrive
How to build a positive mindset
How to have difficult conversations
How to cope with change
How to adopt healthier habits
How to build better connections
How to build resilience
How to do more in less time
How to make an impact

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